Tomahawk Robotics has integrated the Kinesis UxV  control solution with the DJI Mavic Mini to create a tactical nUAS called SparrowHawk that combines the benefits of a non-attributable nUAS platform with the cyber security and white listing capability inherent to the Kinesis UxV control system. The result is a secure, low-cost, COTS-based system that out performs custom-built alternatives across the board, lightens the soldier’s load, and works seamlessly with the Kinesis UxV ecosystem–extending capabilities and mission effectiveness.
  • sparrow-hawkLeverage widely available, low-costand non-attributable COTS nUAS
  • Enhanced security -enables integration with tactical networks and ATAK
  • Fully integrated with the Kinesis common UxV control system
  • Small UAS class features at nano scale –3 axis camera gimbal, autonomy, etc.
  • Fully integrated solider ISR system –powered from standard USB chargers
  • Return to operator’s real-time location or a predefined launch point


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